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Major financial applications need strong security measures, as we know they deal with sensitive financial and personal data. If a customer is inputting info about their identity, their finances or sending and receiving money. This will be done via your user interface (UI), security and privacy are imperative facets of our application development process. At bitConcat fintech Manchester we take this very seriously.

For your business to be successful we need to implement and showcase leading technology. Delivering top-of-the-line security features that will protect your users’ data. You can’t achieve trust and in turn, user loyalty until your user is assured that their information will remain confidential.


Our elite developers in our fintech Manchester division can not only develop your application to the highest security level. Moreover, crucially from a business stance they will highlight the integrated high-level security features in a way that’s subtly apparent to the your user.

It can be as simple as implementing an option that allows for the use of two-factor authentication when logging into the application. Or adding descriptive text to your loading screens (e.g. Encrypting and Sending Data in addition to the traditional loading bar or spinning pinwheel). These visual measures are key to establishing the fundamental element of customer trust.

At bitConcat, we use industry-leading secure development processes in our secure coding environments. This will ensure we sanitise your code from inception to production. We have over 25 years experience developing secure solutions that solve real world business challenges, creating a better, safer business. In turn we know from experience this will dramatically increasing customer engagement and experiences. These leading factors all support your business goals and deliver ROI many times over. Security delivers customers and sales.




When planning the financial mobile application development process, we consider all stages of the data life cycle. Data must be protected both when it’s transmitted, in-transit and when it’s stored. Whether it’s on your private servers or the user’s device.

Encryption refers to the process of converting raw data into an encoded format that’s unreadable and essentially unusable If anyone were to intercept and access that data.

SSL technology enables you to encrypt data when you send it from point A to point B, while you need to take additional measures to ensure that you store the data in an encrypted format. Mobile applications often store data on the user’s device, while dedicated servers or cloud hosting platforms store other data. We work with all of our clients to ensure users’ data is safe and secure during every stage of this process.

Applications developed in house at bitConcat include highly-refined security. Including features like 4096-bit SSL technology, the most sophisticated level of SSL encryption currently available.




In recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of complex laws and regulations that govern how sensitive information and personal data is to be handled and digitally stored.

Many companies are impacted by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These affect any company that deals with a person physically situated in the EU or an EU citizen. The global nature of finance and banking means that financial institutions are among the most frequently affected business types.

Many companies across the globe are using the GDPR compliance criteria as their new benchmark. Since these regulations are amongst the strictest and most comprehensive on the planet. The GDPR imposes rules on data collection, storage, processing and monitoring. This means companies and developers alike must meet the GDPR criteria and ensure their application allows EU-based users to exercise their rights. These rights have to be protected and the citizens must be given the power to control their own digital footprint. This includes the rights to access and modify information to name a few.


Mobile banking & financial apps development company in Manchester

Mobile applications in banking and finance are a must in the current market. The majority of customers want to be able to interact with their providers on the go. That leads to very important challenges with regards data security and UX provisioning.

From our experience within our fintech Manchester division, we know that there is often a trade-off between usability and security, with usability and the customer experience being favoured more and more. When developing a user interface, ensuring that clients feel happy and engaged is undoubtedly the most important factor. The challenge comes with fully integrating industry leading secure safeguards to protect data.

At bitConcat we have the experience and skills to both protect our clients and build stunning applications. We believe in the experience first without cutting corners on security.


Our ground breaking fintech Manchester software has helped to build the frameworks of many of our clients. Whether it’s a trading platform, or investment algorithms our development team have a wealth of understanding and experience. Developing the software and solutions our clients need to become and stay competitive in this fast paced thriving financial services sector.

We also develop our own proprietary AI software for personal investment use. We are proud to have helped secure our many customers long term investment strategies and go a long way to improving their lives.

Have an Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

bitConcat fintech in Manchester can help you achieve your goals. We provide strategic advice and consultancy on developing a roadmap to success. Our fully qualified business architects advise our clients on development strategies. We take detailed steps to understand their current business and develop active strategies and solutions to drive our clients to achieve their specific business goals.

We have an industry leading set of teams that can architect your business, develop the technology and systems required to get them from the here and now to the future vision our clients have.


Our solutions are all built on leading technology scalable platforms, tailored specifically to our clients requirements. This enables the dynamic growth our clients applications rely upon without overstretching budgets and incurring un-due downtime. We offer our industry leading service level agreements. These have unmatched uptimes and service levels in the industry. bitConcat clients can depend on the solutions we provide leaving them free to concentrate on the day to day operations and growth.

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