At bitConcat we take our responsibilities very seriously, that’s why we are happy to share our commitment to building a better world for everyone.

At bitConcat 10% of our profit goes to helping to fund change throughout the world, in line with our enterprises across the globe, whether its help provide schooling in the most deprived parts of the world or, providing education material and technology for our very own students across the UK. We have made a conscious commitment to help bridge the widening equality gap and afford everyone the same chances no matter where they come from.

This stoic commitment along with our corporate responsibilities below help to keep us, and make us proud to be one of the most caring companies in our global sector.

  • Reduce carbon footprints to mitigate climate change
  • Improve labor policies and embrace fair trade
  • Engage in charitable giving and volunteer efforts within your community
  • Change corporate policies to benefit the environment
  • Make socially and environmentally conscious investments